Welcome Evangelist Sirbria Thomas

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Welcome to Never Forget Online Evangelist Sirbria Thomas


We now have a new member of the staff who has volunteered and committed her time and efforts towards serving the NFO online community. Evangelist Sirbria Thomas is a servant who has a passion for character building and spiritual rejuvenation.

Evangelist Sirbria Thomas is an influential leader who serves in a spirit of excellence and integrity.  Her emphasis is merging spiritual principles with the practicalities of everyday life. Whenever she is engaging with people Evangelist Thomas exhorts, encourages, and empowers men, women, and children from all social classes to reach their full potential in their personal, interpersonal, and spiritual lives.

Through her missions’ arm, (J.E.W.E.L.S), Evangelist Sirbria Thomas stretches forth her hand as she volunteers in the community at (RSC) sex trafficking intervention programs located in Compton California. In serving the surrounding community she provides an opportunity to victims of sex trafficking to exit the lifestyle through counseling, mentorship, and referral support.
Evangelist Thomas also shares a love for those absent from the community by extending her love for Christ through prison ministry where inmates are provided reading materials and self-care packages along with the love of Christ. She takes it upon herself to not only minister to the broken-hearted, elderly, and widowed through S.H.A.R.E. Ministries (Share. Healing. Awareness. Restoration. Edification) a ministry that originated from her mother, Evangelist Gail Polk, but also provides home cooked meals to the homeless in downtown Los Angeles.
For the last twenty-three years she has faithfully run a prophetic prayer line ministry where lives have been healed, touched, transformed, impacted, and delivered. Her heart’s desire and motto for her life is to serve God by serving others.
I genuinely want to welcome Evangelist Thomas to our Spiritual Counseling and Life Coaching Staff. She will truly be and great asset in assisting the NFO family towards wholeness and resolution in life’s challenges. I’m sure everyone will appreciate your contribution to the NFO family!

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I'm a servant to people seeking love, hope, and inspiration in their lives. An apostle, preacher, philanthropist, teacher, and father are a few of the responsibilities that I uphold as a minister of the gospel. Submitting myself to serving God and His people is my objective. I endeavor to live an honest and sincere life that encompasses faith, hope, and love towards an example of godliness and contentment. Clinging on to the Holy scriptures is my essential element for peace and security in this current life herein and the life hereafter.

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