Celebrating Life

Celebrate a well-lived life beautifully.

NFO also helps families and individuals honor their loved ones with a gathering featuring virtual components. We help you create an interactive online event with technical support infused with compassion.

Celebrate a well-lived life beautifully.

A Celebration of Life is less traditional than a funeral and is a personalized way of paying tribute to the life they lived. It highlights the individual’s values, personality, and preferences being honored and pays tribute to their uniqueness.

A Celebration of Life Vs. A Funeral.

When thinking about a traditional funeral, the things that come to our mind are a solemn house of worship, a quiet room, ancient music, and mourners exchanging sorrowful condolences. And without any doubt, losing a loved one involves an immense amount of sadness and grief. And that mood and tradition following the death is a part of the grieving process. On the other hand, a celebration of life is more about honoring the joy, personality, or style of the person who passed away. It is the act of celebrating all they were and their impact on us as family and friends. A celebration of life celebrates their life rather than simply mourning their death.

Planning for Celebration of Life.

Generally, a celebration of life features themes relating to the interests of the person who died, such as sport, gardening, food, or spiritual or cultural practice.

Planning is easy: you have to think who the person was and how they lived their life; for example, what they loved or how they were unique. Considering their attributes can help you devise a theme that everyone who knew and loved them recognizes and feels connected.

Many young people prefer a celebration of life for themselves rather than a sad funeral because they want people to laugh, tell stories, sing, dance, and remember them with joy.


Some elements to consider while planning is:

  • Speeches
  • Food and Drinks
  • Music
  • Attire
  • Decorations and Flowers

When Can We Organize It?

A celebration of life is primarily about the spirit of the celebration rather than the timing. You can have it immediately after the death, just like a funeral. You may keep the body or remains present or wait until travel arrangements and more detailed plans can be made for a later celebration.

If you’re ready to plan and looking to create an unforgettable tribute to a one-of-a-kind person, NFO is here to help you.

Plan a tribute for your loved one today.