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We partner with vendors from all over the world to provide products that assist you in celebrating and paying tribute to your loved ones and pets.


In addition, we offer custom and specialized items and gifts for your family, relatives, friends, and your beloved pet(s).


All the products that we offer, along with eMorial and the brand, grant members an unlimited variety of items that assist in accessorizing your house, condominium, apartment, tiny house, or recreational vehicle. Your only dilemma will be whether you will be purchasing this perfect gift for a loved one or to enjoy for yourself! There are more than enough products to choose from!


eMorial is a new Digital Memorial Display for Cemeteries, Mausoleums, and Roadside Memorials and Tribute Spots invented by Bryan Bonner.

This new digital monument product is weather-resistant, simulated or granite stone, plastic or plate glass, outdoor and indoor, voice or motion activated and controlled. It displays videos and/or slide shows of the desired information of a deceased individual(s), pet(s), group, or institution for the administrator’s desired duration.

eMorial is designed for public and/or private display and intended to assist an individual(s) and/or organization(s) in memorializing their loved one(s) or achievement(s). It contains its own power source and is sustained by solar, a/c, or d/c power.

With eMorial, you can browse photos and videos dedicated to memorializing your loved ones, their lives, and their achievements.

eMorial Products