Remembering and Celebrating Your Loved-Ones

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Amiya Potts

1930 -2021

Jacob Ginnish



2000 -2021

Aiken Turner


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Tribute Stories 

Pay tribute to loved ones with unique multimedia presentations.

Our core service is remembering the person, pet, or organization that left the world, but not your heart. We are here for you to help those affected by their death. Here, our individual Tribute Stories allow you to choose how to honor your loved one in a way that feels right for you.

We are a meeting place for celebrating the lives of family, relatives, friends, and pets.

This is your own special Story in tribute to your loved ones – a place where you can share stories, memories, and thoughts with friends and family and light candles, add music, photos, and videos.

Loved ones and institutions can present a visual chronicle of individuals, pets, groups, founders, special events, and/or lifetime achievements.

Honor a loved one today! Create a beautiful and lasting Tribute Story memorial.


Memorial Services

Our virtual memorial services securely congregate everyone in an online memorial ceremony. Our platform allows public and private online (Facebook live & Zoom style) memorial profile displays and presentations for deceased individual(s) or pet(s), groups, or institutions.


Digitize Your Memories.

We help you construct an unforgettable Tribute Stories with our interactive and creative story creation platform to share your memories. We incorporate the core values of control, privacy, and longevity to ensure that your stories belong to you, and your memories are safe with us.

Here, you’ll find individual memorials for many people, generally including birth, death, and burial information, and may include biographies, pictures, family details, and more. NFO Members can contribute to Tribute Stories by leaving messages, condolences, and remembrances. In addition, virtual flowers and other gifts can be sent to the memorials they visit.

The process for creating a Tribute Story is simple and easy:

Upload memories, stories, event details, photos, and videos to create a beautiful and lasting tribute and a digital memory with NFO to celebrate the life of your lost loved ones.


We Plan A Virtual Funeral or Memorial Service for you.

NFO helps families honor their loved ones with a gathering featuring virtual components. Whether due to economic issues, problems with traveling because of health or weather, or out of a wish to accommodate distant friends and loved ones, families are currently looking for alternatives to traditional in-person gatherings. Hosting a live-streamed memorial or a virtual funeral is an option gaining immense popularity. The event can also be recorded to preserve to be shared and watched later depending on the platform.

In this new way of honoring a loved one, a virtual funeral holds different values to each person. Some may view it as an entirely online, collaborative funeral for family and friends to come together and memorialize their loved one digitally. It can be as easy and simple as turning on your mobile device, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer and activating a real-time video stream broadcasting shared among people at home or from a venue. Typically, the event includes stories, speeches, a slide show, vigils, or other group activities performed remotely.

Some people even see a virtual funeral as one element to be combined with an in-person event. This may be for accommodating loved ones who live far-off or due to space limitations. In such a case, few attend in-persons, and the rest connect online to witness and participate in the funeral or memorial service.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Funeral.

Some of the benefits that come when you choose to host a virtual funeral are:

Social Distancing

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way people gather. Friends and family coming together for big events and asking them to wear masks and stay 6 feet apart can be difficult. Instead, why not shift to planning a digital memorial? It makes it easy for loved ones to participate through funeral streaming services from the comfort of their homes.


Traditional funeral planning can serve as a financial burden considering booking any venue and hosting many people with food and drinks. A digital funeral service makes things economical, avoids the stress of planning a large event, and saves you time.


With family and friends living in different parts of the world, giving people enough time to schedule days away from work for traveling to the funeral can be challenging and expensive for them. Planning a virtual funeral service takes the stress off your family and offers them a way to participate in the service regardless of location.

Moving on to the ‘how do I start’ question that may pop into your head after you decide to plan a virtual funeral. Next, you’ll need to select a funeral home to assist you with those arrangements and be aware of their skills for live streaming a funeral. If you find a funeral home but cannot help you with a virtual funeral, NFO is here to help you set up with whatever you need. We will help you create an interactive, refined online event with technical support and technology.

A Guide for Guests Attending a Virtual Funeral.

What’s the proper etiquette if someone invites you to attend virtual funeral services? Here are a few things you need to know to avoid being that guest who disrupts the most touching moments of an event:

Reach Early:

Plan your schedule to be online at least five minutes before the funeral starts. It allows you time to troubleshoot in case you encounter any tech glitches.


Dress correctly and make sure to be presentable for the event in case you might be seen on camera.

Keep It on Mute

If you’re not a scheduled speaker for the funeral, keep yourself muted until it is your time to talk. Keeping your device on mute prevents background distractions and noises that interfere with other speakers.

Evade Distractions

Be present during the virtual funeral services as if you were attending in person – giving it your full attention.


It’s important to consider your surroundings and clean up the background area to make it look presentable.