Let’s be encouraged. Faith takes risk.

Hello everyone my name is Mae Terry-Gibson. I’m a strong candidate for salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior. I’m here to serve as the gifts God has given me is granted toward you. I welcome your feedback as it is led by the spirit.
Lord, I look to you for my encouragement. Forgive me for letting you down, my heart is human and you are Spirit and Truth. I ask you to give me the encouragement that is needed Lord, to help myself as well as helping someone else!
“Encouragement is to believe in a person, or to have a faith that is so great it can and will move mountains.”
Sometimes bad things happen and we don’t know why. But, we do have the encouragement that God is working on our hearts, and keeping us with our faith in him. I would encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus no matter what place you find yourself.

Author: MsMae

Mae Terry Gibson Ministries, an Evangelist with gift of discernment. Her mission is, on with Jesus Christ my Lord whom I will serve! My personal goal is to help families, and also to help God's people with education and hard work. My experience makes me great as a teaching family specialist. I was born again on Easter day.

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