Till when is my membership valid?

Your membership is valid until the time you decide to delete it.

What do I need to create a tribute website?

You need your loved one’s name and basic details to get started. The rest of the information (such as the date of passing, obituary, photo, event details) can be added later.

What media file formats do you accept?

Photos need to be in .jpg .png or .gif format

Music format is .mp3

Video should be .avi .mpeg .mpg .mp4 .mov .wmv .mv4 or .flv or .3gp

Can visitors add/contribute to the Tribute as well?

Yes. They can add their memories and stories as long as you are happy about this. You are in control of all the access and posting Settings and can decide whether other people can add content to your Tribute.

Can I make the site private?

Of course. Your website is set to be searchable for friends and family, but if you’d like to keep it private, we offer that option.

What is your privacy policy?

We have created a clear Privacy Policy designed to help and protect everyone who uses the service. You can view it on your ‘Privacy Policy’ page.

What is a Celebration of Life, and how do I start?

A Celebration of Life is a personalized way of paying tribute to the life they lived. It highlights the individual’s values, personality, and preferences being honored and pays tribute to their uniqueness.