COVID-19 Memorial

We at NFO have decided that it is critical that we remember all who have left us during this dreadful pandemic, and that we post our loved ones on the internet so that this horrible human experience is never forgotten.

These are short stories of some of the lives that we have already lost to COVID-19. As one, we grieve these losses, and consider what we can do to minimize and possibly eliminate this terrible virus in the future.
Rest in peace, Annie. #nfoCOVID19Memorial
“As an amazing Mam, loving wife and devoted Grandma. Completely selfless and missed forever.”
Rest in peace, Jessie. #nfoCOVID19Memorial
“Jessie was a hero! He served in the battle of Iwo Jima in the 5th marine division. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, bonus papa, friend and inspiration. Jessie lived a long healthy life for 99 years before losing his life to covid19 and I do not want him to be remembered as a victim to covid but as a hero to us all for everything wonderful he did in his life. He is not just a covid victim he was so much more!!”
Rest in peace, Mark. #nfoCOVID19Memorial
“A loving husband, adored father to four children, a proud grandpa to 9 grandchildren and a proud great grandpa. An extraordinary man to say the least. A man of respect, love and hard work, he left his mark on anyone who encountered him. His presence was so strong because he brought such loving and positive energy everywhere he went. He was taken from our family too soon. Our hearts are broken as well as those who loved him dearly.”

Here at the NFO COVID-19 Memorial page you can to share remembrances of loved ones lost to the coronavirus pandemic, remember and pay tribute to COVID-19 Survivors, and encourage public health measures to inspire and possibly prevent more deaths in the future.

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