We at NFO have decided that it is critical that we remember all who have left us during this dreadful pandemic, and that we post our loved ones on the internet so that this horrible human experience is never forgotten.

Rest in peace, Angela. #nfoCOVID19Memorial
“Angela was a devoted mother, a loving partner, and an amazing friend. She taught her children what it means to be unconditionally loved as well as confidence, wisdom, and respect. She will forever be missed.”
Rest in peace, Linda. #nfoCOVID19Memorial
“She was an awesome grandmother and mother. She babysat her five grandsons regularly, while I was working full time and in college, to help me finish getting my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education. When one of them needed one-on-one at school and there wasn’t enough Special Education staff, she volunteered to be his one-on-one for years. He is graduating high school this year and is devastated that she passed on before his graduation.”
Rest in peace, Katherine. #nfoCOVID19Memorial
“Ageless. Too young to die at 68. Was so full of life, and healthy. Fiercely loyal to her family and nothing made her as happy as spending time with them. She lit up the room with her smile and laughter. She was intelligent, funny, kind, patient, honest, joyful, loyal, respectful, and compassionate. She was always willing to assist those who needed help. She was a lady of divine love. She will live on in our very best and precious memories of her. In her loving memory and spirit, she will continue to help us carry on. We miss you terribly, Madre.”
Rest in peace, Joseph. #nfoCOVID19Memorial
“This was just one of the many ways he loved us all. Another was in the many times he prevented us from knowing the full extent of his own battles with his failing health and he had a very tough few years leading up to his Covid diagnosis. He never wanted us to ever worry about him. Our father was courageous and he faced life with a strength that we can only hope to emulate ourselves. He will always be remembered as the greatest example we all had of living honest and the space left behind will surely be felt for the rest of our own lives. ⠀
We miss you Dad, Grandpa and Great Grandpa and we carry you in our hearts forever.”
Rest in peace, Howard. #nfoCOVID19Memorial
“The ultimate family protector.”
Rest in peace, Promela. #nfoCOVID19Memorial
“I would like her remembered as the strongest & most happiest women I knew.”

Here at the NFO COVID-19 Memorial page you can to share remembrances of loved ones lost to the coronavirus pandemic, remember and pay tribute to COVID-19 Survivors, and encourage public health measures to inspire and possibly prevent more deaths in the future.

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