Our Story

Remembering someone is not about missing the big things; it is the tiny irreplaceable things that made them special.

Never Forget Online is a one-stop memorial web portal established to serve the tribute, monument and memorial community. Our eMorial, a new multimedia monument device, to cemeteries and mausoleums, and the worldwide memorial market is soon to be launched to further enhance the interactive feature and experience for you and provide bereavement services for all in need.

Hope. Courage. Strength. Empathy

We are a thriving library of humanity using state-of-the-art technology to preserve the story of what truly matters to you, one memory at a time. With options such as photos, audio, videos, text, and much more, you can create stories for yourself and your loved ones.


Never Forget Online aims to capture the story of humanity – one person at a time. Our goal is to provide you with hope, strength, remembrance, encouragement, and comfort before, during, and after losing your loved one.


Never Forget Online is a one-stop web portal established to serve the worldwide memorial, monument and tribute community. We aim to allow people to celebrate life and never forget love, relationships, and achievements. We also provide a meeting place to celebrate and preserve the memories of family, lovers, relatives, friends, and pets. In addition, NFO pays tribute to all types of pets, and every aspect of a pet’s life experience.

We are a online memorial, monument & tribute community created to connect and promote social interaction and support. NFO helps relieve the pain of a loved one’s passing by promoting and emphasizing the positive memories of a beloved family member, lover, relative, friend, or pet. This precious experience is available as often as one desires, and has the cognitive ability to view, listen and read the cherished Tribute Story, Celebration of Life Tribute or Celebration of Life Obituary.

We’re also introducing eMorial, a new multimedia monument device for cemeteries, mausoleums, curbside memorials, and the entire worldwide monument community. The digital device integrates well with all types of multimedia files, and complements online platforms such as,  legacybox.com and ancestry.com. Files from these websites can be imported to eMorial to play most audio and video formats, and photos.

The Never Forget Online platform allow an individual’s story to speak for itself. We make it easy to see and remember your loved one, and summarize their past life experiences at one location.

The primary objective of Never Forget Online is to provide strength, encouragement, and comfort before, during, or after the loss of a loved one or pet. We also collect and share content created by people who personally know someone who passed away due to the COVID-19 and share objective, vetted information about the total impact of the crisis. We also offer a COVID-19 Memorial and Survivors Tribute for individuals who recovered, and an International Registry for those who passed away from the virus.

Never Forget Online is,


  1. A online obituary and international deceased registry.
  2. A online portal for monuments, memorial services, and products.
  3. A international mortuary and cemetery directory.
  4. A virtual mortuary, cemetery, and mausoleum directory that displays a list of all available memorial parks worldwide. In addition, we display all individuals that are located at a physical site.
  5. A online cemetery for deceased individuals who are not physically buried at a memorial park or burial site
  6. A COVID-19 Tribute Memorial (International Registry of individuals who passed away from the virus).
  7. A multimedia presentation for members (public or private), and postings (public or private)
  • Provide private or public: live or pre-recorded audio and/or video.
  • Host wakes and repasses (repast) or celebration of life. The difference in these events is the actual presence (virtual: regarding having a physical burial) of the loved one who has passed away.
  • Provide virtual venues for scheduled, real-time wakes, funerals, and tributes.
  • Offer photo directions to locate and view an actual gravesite when available physically.
  • Host virtual funeral services live and pre-recorded.
  • Offer memorial planning for “real time” or “recently passed” assistance (pick up and cremation services).

Never Forget Online also sells products including tribute gifts, t-shirts, coffee cups, etc., and eMorial products, including curbside monuments, gravesite displays, mausoleum face displays. We promote fundraising for cremation, funerals, and memorial services and accept donations for charity organizations and in-house programs.

Why Choose Us?

We provide a new global concept for memorializing people, pets/animals, and organizations

We offer digital and online memorial displays and presentations before departure. Members can pre plan and leave:

    • Final wishes and/or instructions (wills)
    • Final comments or statements
    • Desires, hopes, or encouragement to loved ones or business associates.

Loved ones and institutions can present a visual chronicle of an individual(s), pet(s), group(s), founder(s), special event(s), and/or lifetime achievements to honor them. It creates greater memory, respect, and impact for family, loved ones, public figures, and government and corporate entities.

How It Started.

It was a Sunday night, June 23, 2013, when I woke up startled and astonished from a dream. There was a roadside memorial with a TV screen displaying the life story of a person who had passed away from an auto accident. Greatly moved by the experience and considering it as a calling from above, I started transforming my dream into a reality.

It made a powerful and unforgettable mark on my memory. I remember breaking down into tears while watching the story of the deceased person’s life and thought that they had left this world too soon. As I woke up in the morning, I thought I would never forget that. From there, I worked to develop eMorial. And in the process of conceiving the device, I also came up with the idea that it would be synchronized online to the website, displaying the same story to people all over the world!

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About The Founder Of  NFO

“To be happy is to be blessed. No greater happiness exists in life than to experience God’s grace, mercy, and altruism in all aspects of life.”

Born on July 2, 1966, in Los Angeles, California, Bonner is a catalyst for positive change through his dedication to inspire, provide and protect people. Being the minister to people seeking love, hope, and inspiration in their lives has been his greatest accomplishment.

Apostle, preacher, philanthropist, teacher, and father are just a few words that outline Bryan Bonner’s life, work, and ministry.

His overarching goal of life is to surrender himself to serving God and His people.

Bonner leads his life instilling an honest and sincere reverence for God. His life revolves around faith, trust, and reliance on God’s word for a meaningful and fulfilling life. For him, clinging on to God’s words is the eternal path to peace and security for life herein and the life hereafter. Every morning, he wakes up with the mission to be one step closer to completely submitting to the image of Christ to reveal the unhindered glory of God to the world.

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