"The Loss Of A Loved One Is Unforgettably Difficult, But Empathetic Support On Life's Journey Is Priceless."


"The Loss Of A Loved One Is Unforgettably Difficult,
But Empathetic Support On Life's Journey Is Priceless."

An Interactive Platform to Capture, Share and Preserve Your Memories.

Our Story is… we all never forget.

Remembering someone is not about missing the big things; it is the tiny irreplaceable things that made them special.

Never Forget Online is a one-stop web portal established to serve the monument and memorial communities, as well as the entire death care industry. We are a thriving library of humanity using state-of-the-art technology to preserve the story of what truly matters to you, one memory at a time.


Celebrate and Honor Unique Lives With Never Forget Online Obituaries

Never Forget Online provides obituaries that pay special tribute to your loved ones…

Never Forget Online obituary search tool offers you access to obituaries from locations across the world.

Interactive Memorial Services That Pay Tribute.

NFO also helps families and individuals honor their loved ones with a gathering featuring virtual components. We help you create an interactive online event with technical support infused with compassion.


Share everlasting memories as far as a online connection can go....


"Never forget the memories of your loved ones... forever......"


Your Place to Remember Someone Special.

Digitize Your Memories With NFO. Create Multimedia Memories.

Create a beautiful and lasting tribute and a digital memory to celebrate the lives of those who passed away.

  • Fill out personal details of your lost loved one and add a short description
  • Add unlimited content such as photos, videos, and life history
  • Share their life story and memories and invite people to collaborate, pay a tribute, and share condolence messages.

About The Founder Of  NFO

“To be happy is to be blessed. No greater happiness exists in life than to experience God’s grace, mercy, and altruism in all aspects of life.”

Born on July 2, 1966, in Los Angeles, California, Bryan Bonner is a catalyst for positive change through his dedication to inspire, provide and protect people. Being the minister to people seeking love, hope, and inspiration in their lives has been his greatest accomplishment.

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